Ride On  Playground Backhoe

The Billy Backhoe Ride On Digger is the number one selling toy backhoe for kids in the world.Teachers,park directors,and school parent organazations have found the quality of  the little sand excavator 2nd to none! This little sand scoop helps build arm muscle strength and promote hand,eye and motorskill coordination.You will see this sandbox backhoe in backyard playgrounds as well as resorts,schools,and public playgrounds.
Take a minute and look over the Billy Backhoe playground sand digger.
                              Model 3000 with Cement Mount Post
                            MODEL 3000 WITH PORTABLE BASE
This is our best selling playground mini backhoe.It is built to last and can be past down for generations.Built in a small shop in Minneapolis Minneapolis,Mn.
* Turns 360 Degrees  * Has a weight capacity of 300 Lbs
* 7 year warranty * Lead Free Powder coat painted.* Built from steel.
* Strong steel free standing base 20" x20". 
$229.00 Plus $23.00 Shipping 48 States. Call for Canada,Hawaii and Alaska.

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                       COMMERCIAL PARK DIGGER MODEL 3000
Please Note: We Now Only Use Easy Grip-No Blunt Handles As Shown In 
Individual Pix At Top Of Page.
     * Post model must be set in to concrete.
     * Also available with a transportable base.
     * 500 lb Wt Capacity. *Life Time welding warranty * Powder Coat Paint
     * Rides on heavy duty ball bearings. *Turns 360 Degrees
     * Thick Cast Aluminum Bucket
     * Used in City Parks,Playgrounds,Schools,Home Playgrounds
      This digger is sold at 1/2 the compared to others on the internet.
      * $299.00 plus $39.00 Shipping 48 States. This item will ship to Canada
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                                                 ADULT SIZE DIGGER 
                        At last there is a digger sold for the big kids and dads!
                        All the same features as the Model 3000 but has a longer arm
                         reach with more leg room. 
                         $369.00 Plus $59.00 Shipping US 48 States
                         Ships to Canada  Call for shipping prices

Select Your Model

 Do you have questions? Call Bruce  Phone 763-438-0356
 You can Email Us also.
Our payment options are
We also will accecpt a Money Order or Personal Check.
Mn Residents must add 7% State Sales Tax.

To order by mail please 
choose the model number,and the quanity.
If your ordering in Minnesota please calculate and add 7% Mn Sales Tax.
Please make sure you include the SHIPPING COST.
Please leave your complete name,street address,city,state,zip,and phone number.

 Please make check payable to:

Bruce Higley

911 22nd ave South
Minneapolis,Mn 55404

Do you have questions?
Call Bruce 763-438-0356

Checks and Money Orders will be varified with your bank before we ship.

 updated 1/25/11

The Billy Backhoe Ride On Sandbox Digger-Mini Toy Backhoe is sold in the followinging states.
Alabama Florida Illnois Kentucky Massachusetts Missouri New Hampshire North Carolina Oregon South Dakota Vermont WisconsinAlaska Colorado Georgia Indiana Louisiana Michigan New Jersey North Dakota Pennsylvania Tennessee Virginia Wyoming Arizona Conneecticut Hawaii Iowa Main Minnesota Nebraska New Mexico Ohio Rhode Island Texas Washington Arkansas Delaware Idaho Kansas Maryland Mississippi Navada New York
Oklahoma South Carolina Utah West 
   If you have any questions about shipping please EMAIL US           

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